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The feedback we receive is evidence of the results our clients are enjoying—clients like Amdocs, Kodak, Checkpoint, Nice and more. Take a few moments to read what they have to say!

"Wanted to thank you for the wonderful session we had earlier this week with you. The mix of horses, people, food (carrots included), sea, sun, and very well presented materials, were something people could not resist. I am also impressed with the way you controlled the group Maybe taming horses first is what it takes to be able to lead people effectively :-) It was both gentle and determined ... Oh - one last observation - I think using English as the main language is not a disadvantage in any way - in fact, it takes some aggressiveness out of us Israelis..."
--Director, R&D, Israeli Hi-Tech Telecom Company-Tel Aviv, Israel

"Working with horses made me realize that when I approach others, leaving my "baggage" behind, I get clearer, more honest responses because I'm clearer in my interactions. It made me understand and pay attention to the fact that the way I feel and behave has an impact on how others behave toward me. If I want a pure, strong connection, I have to be willing to express myself with openness and honesty. And that's what I'll get in return!"
General Manager, YABBERMAIL, Internet/E-mail Company- Israel

"Great session. Working throughout the day and learning while working with the horses is incredible."

"The fun element was a big deal. People enjoyed the sessions, the level of participation and focus was excellent, and I think it was greatly impacted by the fun people were having."

"The facilitators were very good, in control, knowing their profession, and really making sure the team is all engaged. In general, there was a very good atmosphere to this whole session, and it was really because of Nikki..."
R&D Team comments, Israeli Hi-Tech Telecom Company-Tel Aviv, Israel

"The feedback I am getting is nothing less than excellent. I know the hard work and timeless effort that went into it... I just wanted to say I appreciate it; that you are a true professional and that I am looking forward for the next opportunity to work with you."
--Human Resources Manager-London

"I can be hard to please:, but I must tell you, Nikki was excellent. We were a large group of 40. Nikki was great at delivering the messages to us clearly and concisely. She kept us on track and focused. She put all of us at ease and this allowed people to freely express themselves. Her interaction with the group was relaxed and familial. Nikki had us really explore the values as they relate to our various groups."
--Client Business Executive VP--Toronto

"Nikki is a true professional both in terms of her knowledge and the way she interacts with people. She is very clear in communicating her key messages and in keeping things on track. She interacts with each participant so no one feels left out, and is always invites feedback. Through real life experiences, Nikki shows participants how the concepts she presents relate directly to their daily lives. All this is done with great charm and skill, so that we are learning while having fun at the same time-- Well done, Nikki!"
--Senior Consultant, Baan PLM--Israel

"Nikki is just terrific. We are fortunate to have access to her talents."
--V.P., Human Resources--USA

"Great to be in the hands of a real expert---I want to thank Nikki for setting up this course and making it so enjoyable. I came out knowing much more than I did before --that's always good."
--Project Manager, following a 3-day Project Manager's Course--London

"I was raving about the course back home because most people think these courses are just an excuse to leave the office. It's a nice perk to get away from ringing phones, etc., but I really learned a lot. I'm using what I learned and putting it into practice here on site. So far, so good."
--Project Manager, following a 3-day Project Manager's Course--Ireland

"This is the first course I have ever attended where I didn't want to put my head down on the desk and sleep after lunch!"
--Project Manager, following a 3-day Project Manager's Course--USA
"You are really special - and you did an amazing job! I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Nikki for the great work done. It was indeed the best strategy days I have participated in, and I believe we made a huge step forward in focusing on the right things to make the change! Thank you, Nikki facilitating it for us-- (we are not easy)…and you made it - big time!"
--VP HR & Senior Staffing---Amdocs Israel

"For me this workshop was a big success. You did it great!!!! I plan to have you back in Brazil for future similar projects, because you are very much a professional and know how to conduct the team so well!!!!"
--HR Division Manager, Development Group, --Amdocs Brazil

"I appreciate your session summary. You have covered all the key points and arranged them very well. This document will guide me-- not only for presentations-- but also in every other type of communication with people in my life. Thanks again."
--Project Manager, 2-day Presentation Skills course--Cyprus

"...Your summary is just brilliant and I will use it as a daily guide. I plan to use the materials together with my team to help us understand better who we are, and how can we deal better with each other-I'm quite sure, they too will enjoy this experience. Again, thank you very much for this enjoyable and memorable three days."
--Software Project Manager, 3-day Project Manager's Course--Germany

"One of the best courses I've attended to date!"
--Project Manager, Employee Motivation & Development course--London

"This seminar was outstanding! I was very pleased with the presentation, the overall makeup of the seminar and the presenter. Nikki did a great job of keeping things moving, fun and upbeat. The combination of culture al issues, MBTI profiles and focus on making changes/addressing challenges with our company provided us with great information about how we interact with each other as well as giving us all some insights into ourselves."
--Executive Director, Billing and Production-T-Mobile, USA

"This course was most beneficial in that I learned how to optimally structure a presentation, what to include, and even more important, what NOT to include!"
--Market Staff, Software Development Firm-Presentation Skills Course--Israel

"I learned how to identify and state the main concepts in a much more concise manner!"
--Market Staff, Software Development Firm-Presentation Skills Course--Israel

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."
Winston Churchill