“Instinctive Leadership”

“In her book,'Instinctive Leadership', Nikki has uniquely linked the world of leadership and horses as a way of demonstrating what “instinctive leadership” is all about. With candid photographs as visual metaphors for what all leaders and managers would do well to keep in mind, Nikki’s collection of original insights is both thought-provoking and entertaining. Those who are new to leadership as well as seasoned leaders will find wisdom in these pages.”

Erez Daban, CFO TAPI (Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

Instinctive Leadership
“Instinctive Leadership” is a compilation of insights and perceptions concerning a variety of situations in which we find ourselves as leaders. Thought-provoking, inspirational and entertaining, each page provokes the reader to look within and consider his/her own position on the situation presented.

Inspired by the many informal snapshots I’ve taken over the past 10-12 years in my work with horses and leaders, you’ll find passages about everything from “cleaning up the mess” to “the true colors of leadership”. Many of the pictures are of my own horses, while others are from my travels around the world as I learn more and more about this fascinating connection. One needs only to spend a few minutes in the company of horses to understand how and why they are so successful at teaching us leadership concepts in a way that reading or studying simply cannot fulfill.

About the Author
Nikki is a corporate organizational development coach and facilitator with nearly 30 years of experience. Specializing in leadership development, coaching, change management, visioning, strategic planning and group process, she travels worldwide facilitating leadership retreats and conducting client customized sessions on topics ranging from executive coaching to creating leadership alignment and synergy. Her unique talents lie in her proven ability to help both individuals and groups achieve results by combining various academic and experiential approaches customized for each client.  She has also been certified internationally as a trainer and consultant in the field of EAPD (Equine Assisted Professional Development and is Israel’s ONLY licensed HorseDream partner, qualified to work with corporate clients in this way, and to teach others the methodology.

Her other qualifications include:
• Licensed in Myers Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI administration)
• Licensed Focus Group Moderator, Burke Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio USA
• Certified Facilitator: The Great Facilitation Training Program, Boston, MA USA
• Certified Facilitator: Equine Assisted Personal Development
• Certified in Compression Planning/Storyboarding: McNellis, USA
• Licensed HorseDream International Partner for Equine Assisted Professional Development
• Certification: Train the Trainer Program for EAPD: Erbach, Germany
• Certification: Therapeutic Riding Instructor for PATH
• Certified Reiki Practitioner, Levels I and II
• Certified Masterson Method Equine (Bodywork) Practitioner
• Leadership Coursework, Epona with Linda Kohanov, Tucson, AZ

Nikki can be reached at (011) 972 (0) 523-209-390 or via email at KaganMR@gmail.com.
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"Nikki is a unique, experienced, and passionate facilitator who breathes and lives people’s inner development both as leaders and as human beings. Her ability to build strong, trusting and lasting relationships with colleagues, customers and people in general, combined with the relationships she has forged with her horses, has led to a powerfully effective methodology.

She brings people and horses together with a very gentle, sensitive and guiding approach, helping leaders step outside their comfort zone to learn about themselves through the horses’ authentic eyes, and because horses never put on airs or masks, the self-reflection leaders engage in is one of the strongest I’ve ever experienced. She compassionately takes leaders hand in hand through this magical encounter, to a newly expanded comfort zone where they can be introspective—analyzing their actions and learning about themselves. This special meeting with Nikki and the horses is one in which everyone should participate at some point in their lives—for an unforgettable experience and for the long-lasting impact it will create."

Hagith Malul, Chief of Staff eBay Israel



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