Outdoor “HorseSense” Program

Our HorseSense Program is about learning to communicate, lead, manage and collaborate with the help of horses.

In the horse world, money, control and status are non-existent. Therefore, horse leaders respond to the thoughts, feelings and sometimes hidden agendas of those around them, and communicate with authority, purpose, authenticity and confidence--all without "saying" a single word. Like some employees, horses can be willing participants or resentful "team members", making them ideal partners for teaching self-leadership and teamwork. :-)

For centuries, horses were part of leadership training, because learning with them fosters such courage, strength, creativity and a willingness to take risks—as well as patience and determination. When we follow a powerful leader, we do so voluntarily. We’re willing to take risks because that leader has earned our trust and respect. The same holds true for horses, who require that we be fully present, exuding the confidence, clarity and focus that typifies strong leadership.

In the company of horses, we experience firsthand how our speech, thoughts and behavior affect our ability to influence. The horse tends to mirror what’s going on within us as well as what we’re showing on the outside. So, in the process of experiencing this very tangible feedback, we recognize our strengths and weaknesses, and can make small self-corrections as we learn to lead from within.

Session Structure
Designed to draw out the dynamics of human vs. horse, and individual vs. group, each session helps participants to gain a sound understanding of several fundamental principles, then apply that understanding with integrity and professionalism.
A typical session engages participants in a combination of ground exercises with the horses and facilitated learning segments of theory and practical application. Throughout the program, individual challenges and successes are noted. During debriefing sessions, activities are reviewed and group discussion is stimulated. All insights, outcomes and implications are captured, and a preliminary plan for moving forward is defined by the full group. The uniqueness of each program is the ease with which participants draw direct parallels between what happens in the arena and what happens in daily life.

Our Credentials
HorseSense practitioners are certified trainers of the HorseDream International Partner Program and members of the European Association of Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE). HorseSense is part of a worldwide network of experienced facilitators who have been licensed to work with horses for the benefit of personal and professional development (EAPD). Nikki Kagan, Founder and CEO, is the only licensed practitioner in Israel.

"Your HorseSense program was a profound non-verbal experience that cut through the verbal baggage people use with each other. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you spent on this for us. It will help us move into becoming a more solid group."

"When watching my colleagues work with the horses, the same dynamics that happen in the office were there. It was easier to not judge them though. I could see that everyone does whatever they do for their own reasons and assumptions... "



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