Tools for Self-Awareness

Sometimes, we find it helpful to incorporate various assessment and development tools into our process when working with both individuals and teams. We find that, at times, it can help create a platform for discussion, paving the way for deeper and more meaningful exchanges. On an individual level, such tools can enhance self/other awareness necessary for bringing about lasting change.

When working with teams who are experiencing all too frequent conflict, we often suggest one of several team tools. Typically, conflicts arise when people either take things personally, or assume someone’s behavior was driven by negative intentions. Often, the truth is, many conflicts are a result of differences in work approach or personality. Diagnostic and assessment tools help team members understand their own and others’ natural preferences, and through this understanding, they can begin to appreciate how, when leveraged, their differences can actually be quite beneficial.

We believe that learning as much as possible about our own work approach, as well as our preferences is what it takes to achieve real personal growth, develop as a team, and resolve conflicts with greater ease.

Some of the instruments we have worked successfully with are:
  • MBTI (Myers Briggs Typology Indicator)
  • Patrick Lencione’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team 
  • Hay Group’s Influence Strategies
  • Hay Group’s Organizational Climate
  • Hay Group’s Managerial Styles
  • Korn Ferry’s Resilience Factors

“This seminar was outstanding! I was very pleased with the presentation, overall makeup of the seminar and the presenter. Nikki did a great job of keeping things moving, fun and upbeat. The combination of cultural issues, MBTI profiles and focus on making changes/addressing challenges within our company provided us with great information about how we interact with each other as well as giving us all some insights into ourselves.”
Exec. Dir., Billing and Production—T-Mobile, USA



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