Professional Coaching

Who might benefit from professional coaching? Someone...
  • Whose behaviors may be inhibiting performance or creating tension within the team
  • Looking to develop a critical skill important for leading/managing and needs help figuring out how to develop. 
  • In a management position who wants to better understand what it means to lead in a way that creates committed and willing ‘followers’.
  • Who is undergoing some sort of change—a new position, project, reorganization—and needs help navigating the turbulent waters
  • Who has a true desire to change and has made a personal commitment to the coaching process
We help people crystalize their vision of how they want to grow and develop, supporting them as they gain valuable insights about how they show up -- as managers, leaders, colleagues, and even as employees. Once that vision has been defined, we work together to develop and implement an actionable plan centered around real-life learning opportunities that crop up in the day to day.
Programs typically consist of a series of 60-90 minute meetings between coach and client over the period of several months. Together, we define the desired outcomes, explore and discuss any behaviors or attitudes that may be impeding progress, and help the client to develop the self-awareness, strategies and capabilities to achieve the goals.  

“In the spirit of sharing, I would like to say thank you for upholding such a professional standard. You exceeded my expectations of a facilitator and set the benchmark for going forward. Your style is honest, down to earth, straightforward, engaging and impeccably well-paced. Your knowledge of the materials and our company culture is priceless.”
Division Pres., Global High Tech Company



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