Training & Development Programs

Most companies do a good job of ensuring that their people receive the technical training they need. Fewer anticipate the training and development needs of up and coming managers—many of whom are promoted from technical positions and find themselves responsible for a team!

In many cases, the gap isn’t recognized until the newly appointment manager begins to experience frustration, team members begin to complain about their new manager, OR team performance begins to suffer.

We love working with new managers to help them develop the skills and insights they need to move into leadership positions. Once we have determined and assessed the gaps, we can design a program that addresses the ones that are at the top of your list. Some of the most “popular” topics our clients ask for include:
  •   Building cohesiveness within the team
  •   Reducing the urge to micromanage and learning to delegate
  •   Evaluating employee performance and conducting employee appraisals
  •   Coaching and mentoring for development
  •   Learning to manage conflicts within the team
  •   Time management
  •   Presentation skills
In the words of some of my clients...

"I was raving about the course back home because most people think these courses are just an excuse to leave the office. It's a nice perk to get away from ringing phones, etc., but I really learned a lot. I'm using what I learned and putting it into practice here on site. So far, so good." Project Mgr., 3-day Project Manager's Course--Ireland ?

"This is the first session I have ever attended where I didn't want to put my head down on the desk and sleep after lunch!" Project Mgr., following a 3-day Project Manager's Course--USA

“Your summary is just brilliant and I will use it as a daily guide. I plan to use the materials together with my team to help us understand better who we are, and how can we work better with each other. Again, thank you very much for this enjoyable and memorable experience." Software Project Mgr., 3-day Project Manager's Course--Germany

“In the spirit of sharing, I would like to say thank you for upholding such a professional standard. You exceeded my expectations of a facilitator and set the benchmark for going forward. Your style is honest, down to earth, straightforward, engaging and impeccably well-paced. Your knowledge of the materials and our company culture is priceless.”
Division Pres., Global High Tech Company



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