Group Facilitation

Sometimes we need to step back from the stress of our day to day to reconnect. The best thing to do is take the team out of the office and leave those day to day issues to others so you can roll up your sleeves and focus on more strategic matters. As the leader, you want to participate fully AND help guide the process. But it’s hard to wear two hats at once. And it’s hard to know how best to structure and facilitate the content.

Whether you’re looking to explore new directions, evaluate the current situation, conduct a visioning process, or address specific challenges, Nikki has a keen ability to synthesize information quickly, and based on input from preparatory meetings, can promptly and accurately understand your unique needs and expectations. Together, she works collaboratively with you to design the most appropriate program to achieve your objectives—all while keeping people motivated and engaged throughout the process.

"Nikki is a true professional both in terms of her knowledge and the way she interacts with people. She is very clear in communicating her key messages and in keeping things on track. She interacts with each participant so no one feels left out, and always invites feedback. Through actual life experiences, Nikki shows participants how the concepts she presents relate directly to their daily lives. All this is done with great charm and skill, so that we are learning while having fun at the same time-- Well done, Nikki!"
Senior Consultant, Baan PLM--Israel 



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