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Although most of us try to do our best at work, sometimes we struggle. Whether we're leading or being led, even the best intentions may not yield the results we want. 

HorseSense helps individuals and teams learn to better access and express their strongest qualities. We guide our clients through a process of addressing critical and challenging issues that hamper their ability to get things done and deliver required results. Often, our work incorporates getting better at tuning in to, and leveraging individual and team strengths, better understanding less developed skills and capabilities, and addressing topics related to conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, leadership development, resource allocation, and more. Whether we're in the office or outside in the field with horses, we help our clients engage in a process of self-discovery--supporting and accompanying them as they navigate their way to a healthier, more productive and successful way of working.

Nikki L. Kagan, founder and CEO, has been assisting high and low tech companies for more than 25 years. Clients appreciate her sensitivity, candor and direct approach to even the most difficult issues. Communication channels open, a spirit of collaboration begins to unfold, people begin sharing and appreciating, ideas begin to flow. Our focus is on helping our clients help themselves-- and creating a sustainable culture of openness, learning, team development and success.

A certified focus group moderator, facilitator and creative planner, Nikki holds certifications from the Burke Research Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, the McNellis Group, and "The Great Facilitation Training Program." She is also certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and has a B.A. and an M.B.A. with a management and marketing concentration. 

What We Do

It’s the people in any organization who are responsible for making great things happen. It’s not always easy. Things are in a constant state of flux, requiring us to grow and change.

At HorseSense, we help our clients define and envision the results they seek, designing and providing programs that enhance their ability to achieve those results. 

Typical challenges we help our clients address are:

• Lack of alignment around the vision, mission and strategy
• Teams become ‘siloed’ and collaboration breaks down
• Technical experts promoted into leadership roles struggle to engage people effectively
• Lack of motivation and complacency leads to eventual attrition
• Operational and technical teams don’t see eye to eye

Because every client is unique, we begin each engagement with a discovery process to best understand how we can help. We then design our programs with real-life challenges and situations so that when the program ends, the team returns to work having made tangible progress on those challenges.

We focus not only on the operational outcomes, but also on the behavioral aspects of how team members work together, increasing awareness of non-productive behaviors and creating a more cohesive and capable team going forward.

Ways We Can Help: 


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